RV Industry Advertisers

The RV Marketing Network was created to simplify the process of reaching RVers online. Our mission is to connect RV Advertisers with RV and Travel Trailer websites in an efficient & cost effective manner. The RV Marketing Network brings together handpicked RV and Travel Trailer websites that are actively used by RVers and potential RV buyers. It is the only platform of its kind focused exclusively on the RV & Travel Trailer niche.


  • Easy one-stop media buy. We simplify the media buying process across many sites
  • Reaching RV audiences engaged in reading RV content.
  • Better branding and Higher conversions when you run your ads across multiple publishers
  • Location based targeting allows advertisers to reach RVers in their markets
  • Target products on relevant webpages (ie. Winnebago ads on sites with Winnebago content)
  • We work with our advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns to increase their ROI


In order to provide the simplest solution possible and reduce the administrative overhead of managing this process we have created a package for RV Industry Advertisers to reach RVers online.  Following is an overview of our offering:

  • 100,000 Ad Impressions per Month across 30+ RV sites
  • Cost $800 per Month (filters/targeting have additional fees)
  • Payment Terms: pre-paid subscription paid by credit card

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